Welcome dear darklings, my name is C. William Giles, I am the author of “….Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers, a novel of horror, lust, greed, love and darkness.


I have recently (Feb 2015) released my second novel, entitled ‘The Darkness Of Strangers” which is an entirely new work and set in the near future of a darkened London. I live in the North-West of England and continue to write works of fiction and poetry all in the same bloody vein.


If you are not familiar with my work, it has been well received by it’s readers and I hope that you will also enjoy the darkness within. If on the other hand you have read my novel, I hope that you too liked what you discovered within it’s pages. Whichever of these people you are I sincerely thank you for viewing my blog, here you will find a comprehensive collection of my work to date.

You will find current and future posts which range from short stories such as the Tortured Crimson verses, which started as a brief ‘extra’ chapter for “…….Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers” but quickly spiraled into a 7 verse series in it’s own right! There is also erotic poetry in the form of Peach, an interview with me by the infamous Crimson Quill (also known as the Keeper of The Quill), 2 pieces by the Quill himself, one is his own appraisal of my novel, the second is part of his Dozen Deadly Delights series which he dedicated to me. You will also find an appraisal by myself of the wonderful movie The Orphan Killer.


I am also known to some as The First General of Grue. To those of you unfamiliar with such things, the Rivers of Grue is a blog run by my good friend and dark brother of horror Crimson Quill. It is a site originally designed to appraise horror movies but in it’s relatively short life span it has developed & grown to also include features on comedy and erotica as well as personal introspective segments and fictional horror stories and poems by it’s creator while still encouraging new authors of all ages & from different walks of life to express themselves in their own dark ways.

On this site I will endeavor to post more short stories and poetry as well as the occasional piece concentrating on the other passions in my life, while also selecting and showcasing particular pieces by other writers who’s work deserves attention. Some of my pieces and selections you may like, some you may not but I hope you will be entertained non-the-less. Now, open the gates and release the darkness………..


Contact: Facebook C William Giles Twitter @CWilliamGiles Store cwilliamgiles.com or cwgimmortal@gmail.com


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