……..Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers: In Review




……..Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers, by C. William Giles, is a novel chronicling the most terrifying chapters in the life of a once notoriously famous author, Seth Caine.

Caine’s notoriety has slipped by the wayside, and his sanity is soon to follow. When his marriage falls apart, and his son tragically dies, it seems as though he will allow drinking and women to overtake any semblance of a normal life. His writer’s block has become an unbearable burden. Normal becomes a distant memory when the nightmares begin and the demons show up, quite literally, on his doorstep.

Hope appears in an unbelievable way when Seth Caine is offered an opportunity to restore his marriage and his fame…at the cost of his eternal soul.

The moment I opened this book, the first paragraph – the first sentence—grabbed me by the throat and refused to release me. There was no “easing in” to the story. Faustian Slumbers opened with graphically torturous nightmares, setting the scene and leaving me in shock before I had scarcely begun! Still – I had to read on, and through the imagination of C. William Giles, I was led through a maze of intrigue and horror and even introduced to the Devil himself.

Giles has developed an effortless style of introducing the reader into the lives of the characters. I felt as though I were a shadow in the story, walking alongside Seth Caine as he met up with his friends, encountered the beautiful enchantress, and came face to face with demons. When another, even less savory personality is introduced in the guise of Severin Frost – a brilliantly crafty and demented killer locked away in the very facility where Caine’s ex-wife works as senior psychiatrist – I felt more as though I were being pulled along and unable to look away. It is this style of writing that carries the reader from beginning to end.

With several stories unfolding at once, Faustian Slumbers never slows. Giles leads you down one path and just as you think you’re safely tucked into one particular bad dream, another unfolds and locks you, helplessly, into place for the next part of your journey.

It is important to note that, while there are shocking nightmares described, the sheer believability of the story will leave you in a kind of daze as Giles makes a very smooth transition from credible events that could easily happen any day of the week into events that the average person hopes to never, ever experience. I did not want to put this book down until the very end.

I would encourage any fan of horror, occult, or fantasy to turn your attention to C. William Giles and allow him to take you on a journey you won’t soon forget with ……..Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers.



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