Welcome dear reader, the piece of work that you are about to read is in fact the opening chapter from my next novel. It isn’t a sequel to my first book “Of Tortured Faustian Slumbers“, it is in fact a whole other set of characters in an altogether new twisted tale of darkness, debauchery and horrific happenings. I will not be giving too much away about the storyline or characters involved as I want it all to be a surprise. This is why I decided to put out the opening as just a taster for things to come, it gives you an idea (I hope) but there will be much more to this than meets the eye. It shouldn’t spoil anything for you but I hope it’ll whet your appetite for more upon completion. Having said all that I was contemplating putting out a different chapter (darker still) and I may yet do that in time, however it will not be something that will give anything away and will not compromise the story that I’m trying to tell. Anyway, enough of all that, please read on and I hope that you enjoy a couple of my many new characters and the beginning of the dark journey that they are about to embark upon.

C. William Giles

First General of Grue,& War of The Four Horsemenc_william_giles_rivers_of_grue_war

 Danny lay tangled in the cheap sheets of the bed in the even cheaper hotel, he was still trying to compose himself and sweat trickled down his torso as he breathed heavily. He smiled to himself as he heard the shower run in the adjacent bathroom. His right arm remained handcuffed to the bed frame; he yanked on it in a vain attempt to free himself before using his other hand to reach his cigarettes and to light his post coital smoke.

He gazed around the room, ignoring the no smoking signs and sneered at the tacky art on the walls. He’d been in this hotel, and this particular room, many times yet on every occasion he found himself wondering where you had to go to get such terrible pictures. Danny looked down at himself, his body looked like a piece of art too, he’d spent countless hours in the gym but the artistic aspect came from the multiple bruises, scars and welts that flourished over almost every inch of his flesh. The majority of the wounds and marks were fresh, very fresh and the perpetrator was now showering away their guilt.

Next to him on the bed, amidst the dishevelled, sweaty and torn sheets, lay a number of sex toys, whips, chains, clamps, vibrators and lubricants. They gave the appearance of implements of torture and pain rather than the assistants to pleasure which they had been, but then again, the lines between pain and pleasure had become increasingly blurred over the last three hours or so.

As Danny surveyed the scene of their ‘session’, the sound of the shower curtain being drawn back caused him to look up. The door to the bathroom was wide open and directly facing him, he smiled again to himself at the anticipated view and made himself as comfortable as he could with his arm still manacled. He blew plumes of smoke into the air which drifted into and past the broken and tarred-stained smoke alarm on the yellow ceiling.He heard the shower being turned off and Danny watched with baited breath as out from behind the curtain stepped, the gorgeous Beth.


Even considering the last few hours of debauchery that they had just shared, he knew that this was going to be a special sight and he wasn’t disappointed. She stood on the damp bathroom floor and looked at herself in the large mirror. Beth was side on to where Danny lay which gave him a perfect profile view of her spectacular body. She was approximately 5’ 10”, slim and firm bodied to the point of athletic and almost muscular. Her taut and tight stomach muscles flexed as she moved. She had breasts the size of large grapefruits and a bottom like a peach; she looked delicious and tasted delicious.

She had long straight black hair to her waist which she’d tied back for her shower and beautiful green eyes of an almost jade hue. Her skin was smooth and flawless, not a scar, tattoo or even a birthmark spoiled or interrupted the perfection of her flesh. Beth was tanned to a very natural-looking golden level but she’d also kept her tan lines from where her bikini had been while sun-bathing. She liked that, it give certain parts of her body a more private and intimate look to them, the pale ‘real’ flesh exposed only to those lucky enough to be allowed that close to her.


She bent down to the black sports bag on the floor that she had brought with her, in the process she gave Danny a stunning view of her ass, unintentional or not it had the same effect on him. He lurched forward, yearning to grab her and sink his teeth into her butt, forgetting of course that he was still cuffed to the bed. He yelped as he was restrained and jerked back with pain and rubbed his aching shoulder. She looked up at the noise but barely registered an emotion as she retrieved a large white towel from the bag, there were plenty of towels in the seedy hotel room but she would never have used them on her own body. Beth slowly dried herself off while watching herself in the mirror, the sight of this and the movement of her breasts caused Danny to stir yet more and he felt himself rise with animalistic lust.

As she gazed into the mirror, seemingly miles away in her thoughts, she suddenly stopped, frozen in a delectable pose. A shiver ran down her spine, her pupils dilated at the tingle and her naked flesh ran cold. Something had happened, someone was coming, he was finally coming, she had anticipated it but it still took her slightly by surprise. The sensation passed and she waited for a few seconds as if she was either confirming it to herself or waiting for it to return. Confident that the moment had passed, she looked into the glass at her reflection again, looking herself in the eye, she smiled and finished her bathroom ritual but now at a much greater pace.

Beth carried on as if Danny wasn’t even present, once she had finished drying herself, she got dressed, quickly. Her clothes sat waiting for her, having been very neatly folded or hung before showering. He watched her intently as she put on her underwear and the business-style suit that she had been wearing when they had arrived. She came back into the bedroom without a word; still she didn’t acknowledge him with even a glance.

She found her boots which she had unzipped and kicked off across the room and put them on. She then went back into the bathroom and retrieved her black bag and towel. From the bottom of the bag she pulled out a handgun and calmly placed it on the bed with the bag at its side. Danny watched her move efficiently around the room as if he were invisible to her, his eyebrows raised and his smile returned as she grabbed all the sexual paraphernalia from the bed, the chains and buckles rattled but his grin faded as she threw them into the leather bag. Beth then picked up her damp but still fluffy white towel and folded it very neatly before placing it into the bag, on top of the sex toys. She zipped up the bag and shook it, checking that the towel was muffling the sound of the chains, leather and clamps. Satisfied, she placed it back on the bed and went back into the bathroom to check her reflection again, very respectable.

Beth returned again and picked up her gun, tucking it into the back waistband of her trousers. She moved over to the bed and unlocked the handcuffs; Danny relaxed, rubbed his aching wrist and stretched his shoulder to regain the blood flow while she slipped the cuffs into her jacket pocket. She picked up the bag and made her way to the door, as she did so, she took her wallet out of her inside jacket pocket. She pulled out a few notes and threw them onto the bed to him. She opened the door and was just about to step into the corridor when he said

“Thanks Detective”.

Beth stopped in her tracks; she turned and closed the door behind her. She smiled sweetly and swayed her hips suggestively as she walked back over to the bed where he now sat on the edge counting his cash. He leered at her as she approached and his cock began to rise again, she got to the bed and leaned forward to look deeply into his eyes while her hand travelled along his thigh. She took hold of his straining member and his balls and squeezed, hard, very hard. Her smile dropped completely from her face and was replaced by a cold, cruel stare. His own smile simply collapsed at the vice like grip that she applied to his genitals, their sex had been hard, explicit and violent and at times very painful but this was now absolute agony.

“You’ve never seen me, you don’t know me, understand?” she snarled icily into his face.

“N-no, please” he gasped, trying to hold his breath for fear of the movement causing him greater pain still

“I said” she squeezed harder as she spoke

“Ok, ok, I’ve never seen you or heard of you” he hurriedly spat out as he felt his cock being crushed.

“Good boy” she smiled as she released him

She put the bag back onto the bed as he fell back in agony and tears. She opened it and pulled out part of the towel where she wiped her hand clean. Beth tidily put the towel back and re-zipped the bag, before making her way back over to the door, before taking her leave she looked over her shoulder at him writhing in pain and surveying his genitals. She smiled to herself and shook her head before leaving him to his inspection.


Across the City, a few minutes earlier in the Reich Tower, the buildings’ owner Balthazar Reich stood in his penthouse apartment over-looking the vast metropolis that lay stretched out before his eyes. The street lights and car headlights twinkled like a multitude of stars down below him like a bejewelled carpet. He loved this City; there were many circles in which he could move, from the boardrooms filled with businessman and political decision makers that influenced everyone’s lives to the crime lords and villains that impinged upon everyone’s lives. He could mix with the elite religious leaders or the most debauched members of humanity, however, sometimes those lines were blurred.

Balthazar Reich was a billionaire; he was a mogul, though no-one seemed to know exactly what his business was or how he accumulated such wealth. He wasn’t technically a businessman himself but he raked in funds from all manner of businesses. He wasn’t a politician, yet he had the ear of anyone and everyone who had any real power, some would argue that he secretly controlled large sections of the Government, when it suited his own requirements. Neither was he a crime lord as such, though he was not a man to be crossed, even the most powerful of the underworld bosses knew to be wary of Balthazar. He liked to think of himself as the great manipulator, the darkest of puppet masters.

Mr Reich stood at his huge apartment window, almost ankle deep in plush ivory-coloured carpet as he looked out over ‘his’ City. Dressed in an immaculate tuxedo, which cost more than double the average man’s annual salary, he puffed on his large Cuban cigar in between sips of fine single malt scotch. He was very tall, pushing almost 7 feet, broad and muscular; his hands seemed to be the size of shovels yet they fit perfectly well with the scale of his body. Balthazar seemed to have a slight hunch on his back, not that it made him stoop in any way but as if the backs of his shoulders were too large even for his massive frame. This ‘problem’ was un-noticeable to most people because he wore his hair  very long, almost to his waist, it was blond and straight and seemed to be curiously out of place with a man so impeccably dressed.

Reich also wore his beard long too, shaved to a goatee style but grown to around ten inches in length. His beard was plaited expertly and tied off with a broad and ornately carved silver ring on the end which matched the silver rings on his fingers. He was a curiously impressive specimen, looking like a Viking warrior in a fantastically tailored dinner jacket.

He looked to the man or woman in the street as if he was around forty years of age, though he wasn’t. Not that the average person would ever see him in the street. Despite the fact that he held such power, influence and dominance in the City, very few people had actually met him face to face, if they did, they usually met him on his terms. Should he crave contact with civilisation on a one to one basis or should he decide to go to an event or function, he would arrange to go under a pseudonym, usually as a dignitary or a royal from an obscure European country, thereby giving himself good reason for heightened security, which he always insisted upon providing himself.

Alternatively, if Balthazar required contact on a more personal level, he would send an underling out to hunt down the woman or women that he required. Whether that be a public figure, such as a model or an actress in town, a high end call girl, or a particular whore that he’d spied from behind the tinted windows in the back seat of his bullet-proof Mercedes. Money was never an obstacle to him and as regards the more famous celebrity bed-mates that he craved, he had power and influence as well as being a very handsome, charming and persuasive creature, he had never been refused, as far as anyone was aware.

Now, as he surveyed the skyline he smiled to himself in anticipation, the hairs on the back of his thick neck stood to attention and his deep blue eyes turned their focus up to a certain point in the pitch-dark night sky. Seemingly looking at nothing in particular, his smile broadened and he whispered to himself

“He approaches”

Gradually clouds had seemed to gather at the point of his gaze before they merged together uncomfortably. A low rumble of thunder rolled across the night and the clouds were suddenly punctured by a ball of fire, it flew or fell straight to the Earth, leaving a hole in the sky, almost scorching the clouds and sky on its’ rapid descent. The object was unstoppable it seemed but it had to stop somewhere and Balthazar Reich knew exactly where it was going to stop, he was already prepared for that. He took out his phone from his inside jacket pocket and typed a simple command, then sent the text.


“He’s here” he grinned to himself

Balthazar turned away from his window as the fireball fell behind tall buildings and out of his immediate sight, comfortable in his knowledge of what had just happened, and also of what was about to happen, as always, he was well prepared for any eventuality. He moved over to his large, polished, mahogany desk and sat back in his studded, red-leather armchair. He picked up the remote control and pressed a button in the direction of a music system, immediately Wagner filled the air with dark mournful tones and Balthazar eased himself further into his soft, antique chair. He smiled with self-satisfaction and sipped his scotch as he waited for the next chapter of his very long life to unfold.



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