A Dozen Deadly Delights:
Delight #7 C. William Giles


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As you will be aware at this juncture, I have belief in, not only my own scribings, but also the work of numerous other gifted individuals currently breaking on the scene. In a way, Crimson Quill is as much of a talent scout as a scribe. When forming RoG it was always my intention to champion others and construct a dark militia capable of dragging Horror out of the slump it has found itself deep within.


When I use the term ‘talent scout’ I do so through gritted bloody teeth as the Keeper wishes not to be lumped together with all the unscrupulous execs attempting to inflate ratings, regardless of the dreams they deflate along the way.


I have no interest in informing some aspiring artist that they ‘didn’t make the cut, come back next year’ or ‘gave the worst audition I’ve ever seen’. I’m just one man, what right do I have to pass judgement? None! So my approach has been to cherry pick, should somebody’s work resonate with me intimately then they are championed as it is far more worthwhile a pursuit spreading love not vitriolic disdain. There are more than enough deluded Media puppets doing so already, and my relationship with this format is love/hate at best.


So when an artist like C. William Giles hits my bloody radar it’s a breath of fresh/putrid air. This subterraneanly skilful scribe first made contact with the Keeper a few months back when I was busy cutting my own teeth. I barely had time to juggle my workload so, not being what you would call an avid reader, this could have seemed something of a chore.


I pride myself for my aptitude in reading others, not by way of palm or tea leaves, but by way of general vibe. In Giles’ case my gut screamed ‘he’s a good ‘un’ from the offset. A true gentleman, fresh to Twitterdom like myself. He was overjoyed when I instantly agreed to appraise his debut novel …of Tortured Faustian Slumbers. The pleasure…was all mine.


Upon reading the first chapter of this sublime piece of Horror literature, something profound occurred. I found myself totally transfixed and, when it comes to the written word, I normally possess a gnat-esque memory span. ‘This dude’s fucking good’ was the verse I recall darting about my cranial cylinder.


He then commenced to reel me in like an excitable Carp by introducing us to characters you can really relate to, or at least I could. By the time the ground works had been masterfully laid, it gathered fierce momentum and never looked back. Upon reaching the closing leaf I felt as if I had been put through the ringer just as much as the hapless protagonists, by which time the Quill was fully loaded with Crimson.


I duly appraised the book and we began to speak regularly afterwards. Since then, we have become firm friends and regular collaborators. During one dialogue we discussed the prospect of the Keeper sharing communion with the illustrious dark majesty that is Severin Frost. The malignant character had resonated strongly during my time with the novel and I was keen, nay rabid, to learn more of this shadowy prince.


Not content with merely going through the motions, Giles had a far more mouth-watering proposition in mind. Thus Tortured Crimson was birthed; the Keeper was to join Frost for intimate discussions, but C. William Giles was poised to scribe it into an additional chapter from the book. From a Q&A it transmogrified into a seven verse sequence, taking the Keeper deep into the mind-vaults of his heinous host.


The final verse is inbound and will, no doubt, build upon its already sterling reputation but our pilgrimage will not halt there. We feed habitually from each others creative fonts and have many ideas waiting in the darkness of our collective psyche. Moreover, Giles is currently balls-deep into the fervently anticipated follow-up. A tough ask considering the literary behemoth that was …of Tortured Faustian Slumbers but one which, I know in advance, he will manage with little fret.


A more humble and well-mannered gentleman you will not find, Giles has these qualities by default. But under the hood is a versatile, creative, productive and shrewd literary genius with integrity and ingrained passion for our beloved Horror. Horror has so needed a new author to shake up the scene and it has, in C. William Giles, the ambassador it sorely requires.

Sin-cere Regards
Keeper of the Quill


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